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Bruce P. Wittmershaus

Bruce P. Wittmershaus

Research Interests
My research interests include: Biological Physics, Applications of Biomolecules (Solar Devices, Optical and Electronic Properties), Photosynthesis, Visible Spectroscopy, Molecular nanotechnology and Biological Thin Films.

    B.A.(1978) Physics, Franklin and Marshall College 
    Ph.D.(1986) Physics, University of Rochester 

  1. Resolution of low-energy chlorophylls in photosystem I of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 at 77 and 295 K through fluorescence excitation anisotropy, V.M. Woolf, B.P. Wittmershaus, W.F.J. Vermaas and T.D. Tran. Photosynthesis Research 40, (1994) pp. 21-34.
  2. Temperature dependence and polarization of fluorescence from photosystem I in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803, B.P. Wittmershaus, V.W. Woolf, and W.F.J. Vermaas. Photosynthesis Research 31 (1992) pp. 75-87.


Dr. Bruce P. Wittmershaus
Physics Department
Penn. St. Univ., Behrend College
Office: (814) 898-6476
Erie, Pennsylvania
Lab: 898-6405
FAX: 898-6213

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